Recommended Equipment List

Select the trip category for the list of recommended equipment that you should always carry.

Day Trips

Waterproof jacket Must be long enough to sit on, have an overlapping closure, and an integral hood.
Must always be carried
Beanie or balaclava Synthetic fibre or wool. Required for cold weather.
Must always be carried
Mitts or gloves Synthetic fibre or wool. Required for cold weather.
Must always be carried
Sunhat Broad brim to protect face, ears, neck.
Trousers Cotton is tough and comfortable while dry. Specialist breathable nylons are more expensive, but remain comfortable when wet and they dry quickly. Wool blend is a reasonable compromise, and may be warmer. Pure wool trousers may tend to chafe. Jeans are unsuitable due to poor wet weather performance.
Shirt A wide choice of fabrics is available, see remarks for trousers
Jacket/jumper "Bush shirt", woollen jumper, or "Polarfleece" type jacket.
Socks Wool or wool blend. Two pairs often worn.
Boots These may not be required on some day walks. However, most walkers use boots, even on day walks. Leather boots are excellent, but less forgiving of odd-shaped feet (blisters). Boots made of woven nylon and suede tend to be more comfortable, but have poorer water resistance. A good tread is most important.
Gaiters Protect legs from scrub and keep debris out of boots and burrs out of socks.
Waterproof overpants Must cover from waist to ankles
Overmitts Waterproof overmitts to keep gloves dry.
Toilet Gear Toilet paper (use white or unbleached only) in plastic bag and trowel to bury waste.
Water Container Always carry a minimum of 1 litre, or 2 litres in summer. Leader will advise if more required.
Day Pack Essential, for comfort and to leave hands free. Should be comfortable to wear. Line it with a heavy duty plastic bag, or use a pack cover.
Torch Small with spare batteries and bulb
Paper and pencil Small pad and soft pencil in small plastic bag
Whistle Umpire type with pea preferred

First Aid Kit (must be carried)

1 x triangular bandage and safety pin
1 x 10 cm elastic bandage (not crepe)
1 x medium wound dressing
6 x assorted bandaids
Antiseptic liquid or cream
Blister kit - "Compeed" or similar
12 x soluble Panadol
6 x 300mg Aspirin (chewable or soluble)
Gastrolyte soluble tablets, or similar to replace electrolytes
For overnight trips, diarrhoea medication - Imodium or simliar
Sunscreen (50+)
Personal medication items in a small plastic bag, clearly marked and the leader notified of its use